Top 3 obstacles encountered when starting your own business

We all know it’s not easy to start your own business. There are a lot of steps (refer to our previous blog post) paperwork, and money to take into consideration. When things get tough we encourage you to keep going and don’t give up. After working so hard on something you love, investing time and money, keep moving forward is the only way to go.

Therefore, we’ve prepared the top 3 obstacles when starting your own business and how to over come them:


1- Competition

One of the biggest challenges any startups face is competition. Before getting out there in the business world you should research your market and identify what would differentiate you from the rest.

Don’t get discourage the moment you see so many other people trying to do or offer the same thing as you. Simply find what’s missing in that specific industry and apply it.

Despite the success of a startup, there will always be new companies who will “try to do what you do better and cheaper,” says Scott Knoll, CEO of Integral Ad Science, a leading ad-tech company that assesses and reports value of each ad opportunity to help media buyers and sellers maximize return on investment.

2- Money

Of course, money is always an issue. Not only in relationships but in business. Once a company is missing the resources to do something that’s when the real struggle begins.

But, that could easily be resolved.

First of all, make sure that before you open your business you calculate your expenses for 1-2 years. Save enough money to cover all your your costs, including labor. If the cost is too high don’t hesitate in seek investors.

3- Managing Work and Home

A business start-up requires a tremendous time commitment and a strong will. Add to this the cost of an office. Start-up business owners often have problems balancing the overwhelming demands of the company with the needs of a family. If the stress of the workplace spreads into the home, the business owner may feel pressure around the clock.

Therefore, to solve this issue Palletize offers a NO LEASE month-to-month membership affordable to anyone. Don’t let work affect your home life and start with Palletized.

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