5 apps that every entrepreneur should know

5 apps entrepreneur, we would share with you 5 apps that every entrepeneur should know and use. Technology and the Internet have managed to change our lifestyle and have created in the users certain needs that were unthinkable a few years ago. Smartphones, computers and tablets play an important role in our daily lives, since we use them as an alarm clock, notepad, camera and music or video player.

This level of access has helped generate a new renaissance of entrepreneurship by the hand of young or experienced people who manage to obtain the necessary tools to create ideas, execute plans and refine their strategies. It is not a secret that at the beginning an entrepreneur has to cover multiple functions, and although this is not recommended, it is inevitable in many cases while your project manages to consolidate. If you are interested in giving free rein to your venture in Palletized you will find the best option. At Palletized we believe in the power of entrepreneurship.

It is very convenient to have everything on hand in a single device, especially if we are self-employed, or our business focuses on a co-working space and we have to be aware of what is happening around us. There are endless applications, but we mentioned 5 apps that every entrepreneur must know to optimize their work and make it much more productive:


App Simple Mind

Entrepreneurs by nature are creative and owners of a mind that generates many ideas, but also people who find it difficult to organize and give structure to their projects. For them nothing is better than an app that helps them capture their brightest ideas in mental maps. That way they can redesign and articulate them better.

App Evernote

Described by many as the office that is on your cellular device. It allows you to create voice notes, organize them as notebooks and share them, checklist and reminders of your pending, as well as freehand notes and take a photo file with invoices and whatever you can think of. The best part is that you can synchronize your account with several devices.


App FreshBooks

It allows you to quickly and easily organize everything related to invoices, online payments, spreadsheets, reports, and even, the payment of taxes and warehouse fees. Without a doubt it is one of the 5 apps that every entrepreneur should know.

App Canva

It is one of the wonder application, since you can not only make presentations with free personal designs, but you can design arts for social networks, magazines, ebooks and many other products. Although your app is not as developed as your website, using both versions will help you a lot!


App Team Viewer Control

You have the control from wherever you are. With this app you can access your PC by remote control from any mobile device, in this way it is not necessary that you have all the files placed in the cloud through Dropbox or Google Drive.

The modern entrepreneur has great sources of information, connectivity and resources at hand thanks to the Internet. Take advantage of the fact that technology is here to make life easier and try some of these 5 apps that every entrepreneur should know. Once you get used to it, you can not live without them.


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