10 keys to successfully manage a team

The success of a company or startup depends not only on the capacity of its CEO, its leadership skills, or the financial funds available. It is essential to have a good team of people, highly motivated and clearly aligned with the philosophy of the company. Knowing how to lead is not an easy task, but if you know the right path, you can achieve a lot, and if you need a co-working space to give your initiative free rein, in Palletized you will find the best service. Next, we give you 10 keys to manage your team successfully.

Be passionate and share the vision.

The goal of what can possibly be achieved must be large enough for employees, for example, the public benefit, something that affects their lives, a large monetary payment, and a unique or rich experiences that allow them to advance in their careers. Also, explain why you are here and why you are so inspired by the company.

Ask current candidates and employees what they want.

Ask them what they would like to achieve while they are there. Always try to ask this question in job interviews, or to your current employees, in this way you will know if they are in the capacity and willingness to give you what you are looking for.

Give them something that other companies do not offer.

Responsibility, training, guidance, fun, excitement, respect, appreciation, inclusion and a sense of importance. Show them that your company develops in an environment where they can find respect, appreciation, inclusion and a feeling of belonging.

Communicate with them. Lack of knowledge frightens, but knowledge is valuable.

Inform them about what happens in the company. This will make them feel comfortable and taken into account

Be grateful.

When you thank an employee for a contribution, you make him feel appreciated, you make him feel like a colleague and not as mere subjects.

Know their names and what they do.

One of the keys to successful team managing is to be interested in knowing them well. Let them know that what they do is fundamental to the success of the company.

Work with and not for someone.

Avoid referring to an employee as someone who works for you; instead, emphasize that he works with you.

Have regular meetings where everyone expresses themselves.

It is very important that there is feedback and that all workers know what is happening so that they feel involved. Their opinions and experiences benefit the project to the extent that effectiveness is enhanced and problems are solved.

Set goals and objectives.

Propose a common project without differences between employees with measurable challenges. A common goal for everyone strengthens performance in the work process.

Emphasize the benefits, regardless the result.

To manage a team successfully, it is necessary to make them understand that, if things do not work for the company or the project in the end, they will have benefited from the experience and will be able to take advantage of it. Reminding employees about the things they are receiving, as well as a salary, motivates them to continue believing.


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