4 factors to consider warehouse locations

When choosing the location of a warehouse for a company, whether to buy or lease it, several fundamental factors must be taken into account that will guarantee its viability.  It is necessary to ponder and analyze all the pros and cons in order to make the best decisions regarding the storage methodology and the way to carry out the distribution, elements which will undoubtedly make a difference for that company. Herein below we mention 4 factors to consider warehouse locations.

Location. Is one of the 4 most important factors to consider warehouse locations, since it will determine which is the region you want to serve, when choosing a warehouse you must choose the one with the best physical location, it ensures that your products are close to your customer portfolio, guarantees much faster deliveries and with a lower cost of transport. The ideal is to have the warehouse near the facilities of its transport operator, thus increasing the return on investment by having a comprehensive solution between storage and shipment proximity.  If you are close to Miami, Palletized is one of the best options, since it offers and excellent location and the best warehouse and fulfillment services to benefit your company.

Infrastructure conditions and contract type.  Once the warehouse with the best location has been chosen, you must check the construction measures, infrastructure conditions and if the space is sufficient and has the specification required to protect special products, depending on their nature.  Determine what type of contract you want to establish.  It is essential to know if your products are seasonal or if you need to store them throughout the year, thus defining the precise period and determining if the space offered is ideal or, on the contrary, you should expand it as time goes by and the demand for your products increases. Think long term and plan ahead.

Environmental context. Is another of the 4 factors to consider warehouse locations, since it allows a clearer vision, specially, when there is a risk that the weather conditions negatively affect some products that require special handling and storage. By knowing in which area it will be located and if the warehouse has the specifications required by the company, it avoids compromising the integrity of the products.

Technological tools.  Determine which method is offered to process orders and meet the supply chain. Define whether the warehouse management system is the one to integrate without inconvenience in your company. Determine if more advanced technological tools such as robots or sorting alternatives such as conveyors are required to minimize human failure when loading trucks. Using the right technologies will make everything flow, make warehouses work well and processes to be carried out efficiently.

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