5 tips to give you more time while you work

When we are adults and have more responsibilities, our lack of time can become a main source of frustration, leaving us feeling as though the day does not yield enough time to achieve it all. This ultimately can lead us to fall into a state of autopilot mode, making us lose the grasp and value of what is really important. Becoming Aware of this epidemic, Palletized, a leader in coworking spaces, provides  you with 5 tips to optimize your time while you work.

Firstly, keep in mind is that the day only has 24 hours, so getting organized is essential. It is necessary that you learn to distinguish how you spend and invest your time so that everything flows in your favor. Making time is possible, thus we recommend practicing these following strategies:

Choose to be effective. Being efficient is great when you want to do things quickly, however, effectiveness will allow you to do things the right way  without taking shortcuts, allowing focus on what you want to achieve. What should you do to be effective? Whenever you have several tasks ahead, prioritize the most urgent task first; define which ones you can delegate or, ultimately, schedule them for a later time. This approach will present  better results by scheduling the most important tasks first.

Avoid getting distracted. This is by far the best tip to create more time while you work,  because when working, it is usual to feel tempted by procrastination. Do not get distracted by other things like social media networks or your coworker’s chit-chat. It will only make you fall behind and be running at the end of the day with all the work accumulated.

Manage your duties based on your energy. With each new day, our energy is renewed, however, as the day goes by, our brain becomes exhausted. The best advice is to take advantage of the energy charge to do the most demanding and productive tasks first. Once you feel worn out, take a break or opt for the less demanding of duties. Without realization, your productivity will increase significantly and you will be more satisfied with your results.

Watch what you eat. Food can influence more than you imagine. When you do not feed yourself properly your body and mind resent making you feel scattered and without energy. Your productivity decreases and unfortunately, it is impossible to add extra time to your day. One of the tips to give you more time while you work is to eat better. Opt for healthy foods that give you energy and your brain will thank you. Make sure to hydrate as water is super important and if you are a fan of green juices, can be an excellent option.

Make a homework plan. When there are too many things to do, trusting  on your memory alone does not always turn out well, something can be missundrstood or overlooked.  A proactive option to avoid this is to have an agenda where you include all the activities according to the order of importance and urgency. Try to plan the night before so you can wake up with a clear mind and organized path to a more organized day. A simple 5-10 minutes of planning can create a multitude of extra time in the long run.

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