About us

We believe that the future is about e-Commerce and networks that enable us to accomplish great things. We build these networks both internally and externally, locally and globally.

We’re a community of people who thrive in
the e-Commerce life.

Palletized offers you CoWarehousing and co-working spaces built around the needs of an e-Commerce community.

We want to offer you the flexibility, efficiency, and support of having a CoWarehouse, office, and logistics in one place so you can focus on growing your business.

At Palletized we understand you are
in a journey to make your
business ideas and dreams a reality.

A journey that is shared by many e-Commerce businesses and entrepreneurs, often starting at home or in a small office and with significant effort, commitment, belief, and drive to grow.

Our services provide you with the environment and resources to support your business as you take the next big step on this exciting journey.

Our Team

A dedicated group of professionals specialized in their specific areas. They work hard to ensure each of our members is getting all the support they need.

Max Trujillo Bio Photo


CEO and Co-Founder

AKA “Max the Boss” is very passionate about managing moving parts on any Logistics operations and is known for looking for solutions from every angle and thinking outside of the box. He has had the opportunity to hold projects with Offshore Oil Shipping Operations, Break Bulk Stevedoring Port Operations, Trucking, and Warehousing Distributions and now with E-Commerce Fulfillment and Co-Working Spaces! Max is always looking for new challenges and endeavors and is eager to learn and grow as a person and as a professional.



Before funding Palletized. Billy was in the port logistics and transportation industry for the last 25 years. Accustomed to working under pressure and taking on problem-solving on short notice. Supportive and respectful to his co-workers, always getting the best results out of the staff under his command he has created a proactive and loyal corporate base. Billy is always looking for new challenges and goals to achieve.


Space Manager

“Josie” is an experienced and efficient executive assistant and manager with a passion for negotiation. She excels in communication and problem solving and has applied those skills through owning her own business as well as organizing customer service and human resources functions. Here at Palletized, she holds the responsibility of keeping everything flowing smoothly. From interviewing, payroll support, timekeeping, training, and event planning, Josie does it all!!!


The IT Guy

Marcel has his degree in Information Technologies and is a Certified Oracle Java Developer that has a passion for the online marketing world that complements his talent in Photography and Filmmaking arts. At Palletized his role has been pretty broad since the beginning, making sure all the IT infrastructure works perfectly plus working elbow to elbow with the team supervising and helping with new ideas for the online marketing and social media content generation segment.



The IT Girl

Lisa works on supporting Palletized’s WMS. Her role includes assisting new clients with the onboarding process, troubleshooting connection errors, creating/updating client items, and ensuring that their orders flow into our System. At Palletized, she can be found setting up or fixing equipment for our staff members and assisting our coworking members with any technical difficulties they may have. Lisa is always willing to lend a helping hand in order to get a task done. Additionally, she is currently working on becoming an Information Technology professional.

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