Amazon Prime Day 2022 and the Influencer Program

To promote Prime Day 2022, Amazon announced that it will use Amazon Live to host live chats with creators talking about Prime Day deals.

For the first time ever, the e-commerce giant secured a handful of event spaces and filled them with merchandise set to go on sale during its eighth annual Prime Day. Replica bedrooms filled with curated home goods. For example, bathrooms are equipped with beauty products and, closets are stuffed with fashionable garments and handbags.

Amazon is using influencers to help this event have successful sales at a time when shoppers are fearful of a potential recession and, understandably, being more conservative with their spending during a time of inflation. In its recent earnings, the company reported a loss of $3.8 billion, so the stakes are high for Amazon to boost its sales.

The company believes Amazon Live is one answer to its current struggle, and its decision to lean harder on influencers for Prime Day 2022 is an effort to reach easily influenced shoppers — mainly Gen Z — in a time when the creator economy is expanding.
Meredith Silver, director of creator growth at Amazon, explains that the Amazon Influencer Program (AIP) is designed to be more amenable to influencers’ desires this year than ever before. “We’ve focused on building out a diversified program where there are many different ways to earn. So, of course, commissionable links are one of those ways that creators can also drive their audience to their storefront – their specific page on Amazon that they’ve curated in a way that represents the products that they really use on a regular basis.”


So, while Amazon Live may help boost sales for Prime Day, the platform will likely remain the last resort for a lot of creators (and viewers) as more popular influencer-focused platforms stand at the forefront.

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