The app-based Warehouse (Palletized App) allows our customers to check their inventory, orders flow and proof of shipments, in real-time from their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Allowing them to make the right decisions at the right time.

Dashboard Analytics

Your metrics at glance. We know you need it, we know you want it because every successful entrepreneur needs to know what’s happening right now with their business. So we have focused a lot of effort and resources on developing a solution that allows you to read your metrics from the palm of your hands, not at your office, not tomorrow, not next week but just right now at your hands.


Orders Flow

You don’t have to wonder about your orders anymore. The Orders Flow feature allows you to check, double-check even triple-check, on any order that’s been shipped and fulfilled from our facility to your final customers. That way you can make sure that all your orders are being sent on time to the right person and more importantly to the right place 🙂


Inventory Levels

Never run out of stock. With our Inventory Levels, you will be able to monitor at any time your stock and items’ availability. That way you can take action at the right time to replenish your items before they sell out.


Snap Package

AKA Proof of Shipment. We all have had difficult customers at some point and we know that sometimes you have to deal with buyers that complain a lot about their shipments. So with that in mind, we have created for you a state-of-the-art Proof of Shipment feature that allows you to visualize a picture of the products inside the box that we have shipped to your final clients. This way you can verify that the products were shipped as they were supposed to be and nobody is going to take advantage of your business anymore.