Apps you must know for 2019

With the arrival of a new year, a new opportunity arises to boost and grow your business. After the holiday season it’s important to get up and run with the market trends. Setting priorities to organize your ideas and innovate, being the difference, is the focus of everything. Thinking about our clients, from Palletized we mentioned some Apps for 2019 that you should know for your company. Also, if you want to delve into the world of coworking space, we have the services you need adapted to your needs.


One of the most recommended for this next year because it helps you control your finances. Knowing how much you have and spend on a daily basis is fundamental to managing capital in a more accurate and responsible manner. It also gives you some keys on how to invest the resources so you can have everything in order.

With this tool you do not need to have a notebook, since the information is in digital. You can check your savings accounts, credit cards and checkbooks, as well as update the account statements in real time and track your budget. The design is intuitive, easy to understand and you can activate payment alerts that arrive by email or cell phone. It works without Internet and, by using password, users can be sure that their information will be protected.

24my Personal Assistant

It is one of the Apps for 2019 that will set the standard in the business world. It is an option that organizes your life that goes beyond the capabilities of a personal assistant. It is easy to use and through a list you can organize pending tasks, calendars and appointments. It is so reliable that it was chosen as the best application to be organized by CNN, USA Today, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and Mashable. You can choose the account you want to connect and once it does, it will notify you about important payments, events and reminders.


It is a messaging service based on corporate communication that seeks team collaboration to improve productivity. It can be very useful for large companies as well as small businesses. Its versatility allows downloading it on any device, even a PC, facilitating work and remote communication as if you were in the office. It is one of the Apps for 2019 that stands out for integrating tools such as: Dropbox, Google Drive, Twitter, MailChimp and Skype.


If within your business you manage social networks, this App is essential for you. You can easily carry all the accounts you have on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and even LinkedIn. You can update, schedule and keep track of your publications, while receiving alarms of user interactions. The free option allows you to manage up to three profiles.


Special to send large files no matter where you are, even those who do not have a Dropbox account. It is designed to collect your files in a centralized place and synchronized safely with all your devices. You can scan and edit documents, add comments, create shared folders, even without internet and transform notes into PDF files.

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