How Can Entrepreneurs Achieve it All in 24 hours

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Don’t we all complain about how 24 hours in a day are sometimes not enough to get through our task lists for the day? Well, entrepreneurs too often find themselves in the same conundrum. 24 hours are often not enough to go through their series of meetings and brainstorming sessions.

When you are just starting up, things are all over the place. But even then an entrepreneur cannot afford to have an erratic schedule. It’s important for entrepreneurs to plan their day well. Planning their day in advance doesn’t just save their time but also ensures that they are well prepared for the meetings and tasks of the day.

We spoke to start-up founders as they shared tips for entrepreneurs to plan their day well.

Entrepreneurs Divide Days Into Slots

While it all depends on the size of the company, Madhulika Mukherjee, Co Founder, Survaider, believes that it is even more essential for early stage entrepreneurs to plan their day well or everything could go haywire. Mukherjee shares a daily anecdote that she carries out herself. “Divide your day into slots according to the time needed by different departments. So, whether your time is required by the product department or marketing department, division of time into slots will help you stay completely focused on one thing,” he said.

Don’t get Worked Up

With the pressures of being an entrepreneur and the unending tasks one has to carry out, a lot of times founders get too worked up. Abhishek Agarwal, CEO & Founder GlobePanda, believes that entrepreneurs are always chasing the next deal which their company can benefit from. However, this can get them worked up if they don’t take time to deliberate a little on the deal they are going after. “Budding entrepreneurs must plan their day by setting a routing which they follow piously so that they are in harmony with their personal and professional habits. They must not look for solutions all the time and take time off when they sense they are getting desperate for an answer and not thinking straight,” he said.

In order to avoid exhaustion, Mukherjee shared another tip. “Make a to-do list every evening, so that you know the tasks you have to focus on the next day,” she said.

But once you have set out to work on the projects for the day, Agarwal believes that you have to follow up. “Following up is indispensable to success as it serves as the best indicator of progress and is ideal for planning ahead,” he said.

Early Start to the Day

Don’t we all switch off that alarm one last time to snooze in those extra five minutes of sleep? Well, Mukherjee believes no. With an early start to the day, you can get more work done. “You can get the hardest part of the job done and in that way, avoid procrastination,” she said.

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