Coworking trends 2020

The coworking modality continues to gain followers and popularity with each new year and this will not be the exception.  Only a decade ago it was unlikely to imagine so many people, from different areas and companies, working together in one place. But, as everything in life is a constant transformation, to form part of a coworking space is more common than you think.  Herein below we mention some of the 2020 coworking trends that will make a difference in terms of alternative working styles.

Efficient offices with a more specific approach.  The good news is that more and more renowned companies are recognizing the benefits of coworking space, which is why one of the 2020 coworking trends focuses on creating efficient areas with a more specific approach, that is, to attract suitable people, making them part of the culture of that coworking space. The ideas is to foster creativity and try to propitiate an environment of collaboration and support to increase productivity, in addition to offering designed services in the most common profiles of the place.  If this is what you are looking for to start 2020 on the right foot, in Palletized we offer coworking services, do you dare? Click here and discover what we have for you.

Quality spaces with the best technology.  It seems obvious, but beyond the comfort and infrastructure of the place, one of the 2020 coworking trends, which will attract more attention, is the ability to offer spaces equipped with the latest technological advances.  For this year coworking managers must be up to the challenge, hence the importance of investing in upgrades, not only of equipment and new wireless devices, but also in the integration of advanced software that allows to manage in a more optimal way the coworking spaces.  The goal is to have more intelligent, interactive and dynamic areas.

Automation mixed with the human side.  With this we mean that, although the trends is that there is more automation of equipment, the ideal is that users live a whole technological experience without neglecting the human aspect. This would undoubtledly add a plus to all services offered in a coworking space.  The clue to this is to offer what other traditional companies are unable to supply.  By using intelligent devices such as motion sensors, which for example, allows to remotely regulate the climate, there is a greater possibility of generating a friendlier environment that will make users feel at home every day, or better.

Healthy approach.  Another of the 2020 coworking trends that has attracted a lot of attention, is the initiative of offering health programs.  This, besides making people feel more attracted to ire the service, helps users feel more confident, without neglecting that having a happy and healthy workforce generates greater productivity.  There are coworking alternatives that offer yoga rooms, gymnasium and sleeping rooms, the key is to go one step further.

Diversity.  Before becoming popular, the coworking space offered almost a unique style of action, however, over time this has evolved and one of the 2020 coworking trends focuses on diversity.  This year it will be common to see more spaces dedicated to satisfying the requirements of varied audiences, for example, areas only for independent workers, small groups, women entrepreneurs, among others. The idea is to give priority to professionalism, productivity and flexibility in order to offer a high quality work experience.





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