Free SEO Tools for a Do-it-Yourself Analysis

It is well known that the primary goal of search engine optimization (SEO) is to help your website rank higher in search engines like Google. This enables you to drive more traffic to your website. To be effective at SEO, you need some tools at your disposal, and luckily some tools are free.

These SEO tools will help you perform keyword research, optimize your website content and improve your website’s visibility on Google. Hopefully, this guide will help you to find the best tools for your needs and budget.

Google Search Console provides an unbelievable amount of insights (and reports) into your site’s health and performance, including:

  • Rankings and traffic-driving search queries,
  • Page load times and user-friendliness,
  • Declines in rankings and organic traffic,
  • Links to your site and with the anchor text,
  • Manual penalties or warnings.

– Google’s Text Cache is the easiest way to know how Google interprets a page. The cache displays a page’s text-only version. Images appear only as alt text. JavaScript and CSS are removed entirely. The result is a clutter-free overview of any page, revealing:

  • JavaScript-powered elements inaccessible to Google,
  • Alt-text image descriptions that make no sense.

– Check My Links. Broken links and redirects hurt usability and send bad signals to Google, keep in mind that regularly checking all links is critical. Multiple tools can analyze (and fix) on-page links for any page.

Check My Links, a Chrome extension is one example. It will color-code links on a page:

  • Green: Live links,
  • Light-green: Valid redirects.
  • Red: Broken links to fix.

– Google Lighthouse. This free tool can help you identify problems that likely require an expert. Lighthouse is part of Chrome’s “Tools for Web Developers.” It evaluates a page’s:

  • Performance: A Core Web Vitals check assessing load times and mobile functionality.
  • Accessibility: Highlighting elements that are hard to read or access by blind or disabled users.
  • SEO: Meta tags, structured data, and more.

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