How not to Complicate – Keeping Entrepreneurship Simple

Entrepreneurship is the one word that fails to be defined by one universal definition, accepted by all entrepreneurs. Although, there is one saying that they would all prescribe to, ‘My way or the highway’.

When you are an entrepreneur, you know what you want, and you go out and get it. This is what is unique about you. This is what should be unique about you.

Entrepreneurship is more about personality than it is about business strategy. If you were merely good at business strategy, I would call you a businessman. Now, for me to call you an entrepreneur, your persona needs to shine through every move that your brand makes, introducing you, long before the introductions are made.


Let’s Elaborate on Simplicity

To keep it simple because it is simple. As an entrepreneur, we are citizens of the world. We interconnect and network to create new margins and trends. We create new demand and new sectors in the market. We start at one place and end up at another. The path which we take, is unconventional to say the least, that at times we walk alone and no one understands. The path leads to monumental change. Which is why we hold the greatest power and responsibility. Rivers like us contribute to large oceans, vast and mighty.

Simplicity can take you a long way. The key to keeping entrepreneurship simple is to not get caught up in your own head and thoughts. Don’t be overconfident with your plans or be apprehensive about your decisions. Keep your thoughts in the present while you work towards your futuristic goals. The pivotal aspect of being simple is being mindful of everything you do.

It’s a Process to Learn

Entrepreneurship is a journey, in the course of which it’s important for you to learn, grow and improve each step of the way. But focusing too much on the past or the future can sometimes hamper your growth. One needs to learn from the previous mistakes and improve their future actions, whilst living completely in the present.

Seated at the driver’s wheel, we don’t have time to gaze out of the window or watch the trees passing by. Giving the road, a one hundred per cent is what gets us to the destination. Completely living in the present zooms in focus. Living in the past or worrying about the future is the biggest risk an entrepreneur can take. You have at stake, everything to lose.

Yoga For Workaholics

The daily practice of the ancient discipline of Yoga is a blessing for the workaholic in an entrepreneur. It is a superpower, the calm and focus it gives surpasses the daily hassles of entrepreneurship. It also helps address the most important dilemma every entrepreneur faces, “How devoted are you?”, “Are you devoted enough not to procrastinate, show up and get it done?”

Most often than not, entrepreneurship is about this, putting out your energy and life force, irrespective of the environment and situation around you. Despite how uninspiring or improbable it may seem, it falls upon your shoulders to do the task.

Future pacing is an interesting technique, I’ve found works wonders. We entrepreneurs are much like psychics with our own crystal balls. We possess an incredible knack of being able to look into the future and predict possibilities with pure mental calculation, taking in consideration affective factors and making moves much like a life-sized game of chess. Before taking a certain decision, you let your mind wander down a probable path and create that situation in the future, from thereon just trust your gut. We entrepreneurs have sharpened intuition and a hound’s nose for success stories. How else do we know where we are going if we don’t see into the future?

Remember, your futuristic mindset and goals shape your entrepreneurial journey, but remaining present in the present is what will make your future achievable.

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