10 Tips to Become More Productive at Work

Willing to be more productive at work? These tips will help you to find improve your actual performance at work.

1. Get rid of it.

If it’s not absolutely necessary, take it off of your to-do list.

2. Daily goals.

Know the plan for your day before it arrives. This helps curb distractions. Set simple goals for the day, and then accomplish them

3. Peak levels.

Figure out your peak times for getting things done. Schedule your high-priority tasks for those times. Schedule less important tasks before and after.

4. The worst is over.

Knock your worst task out first thing, and clear it from your stack of work. This will create momentum and set a “victory tone” for the rest of your day.

5. Cross the finish line.

Set clear, well-defined deadlines for your projects. Use them as focal points to stay on task.

6. Slice and dice.

Break down complex projects into bite-size chunks and complete them one at a time.

7. Punctuality.

Whatever it takes, stay on schedule; and if at all possible, show up early. Being punctual to your various commitments gives you the buffer needed to handle any unexpected responsibilities.

8. Create agendas.

Before beginning your phone calls, have a clearly formed agenda of what you expect to cover and what the possible outcomes will be. This will help you steer the conversation and end it sooner — saving time for everybody involved.

9. Research and pregame.

Upon entering a meeting, remember the exact reason for it and the necessary outcome. If a topic isn’t relevant to the primary reason for the meeting, don’t discuss it. If control of the meeting is out of your hands, at least try to steer the conversation back on track.

10. Never good enough.

Constantly look for ways to improve your techniques and methods. Last year is outdated; leave your old ways behind.


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