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More and More companies are considering hiring a warehouse in Miami to enhance their services.  It allows them to store their items in the best conditions until they are delivered to their final destination, which implies improvements in their quality standards with customers. The same happens with the fulfillment that has become the evolution of e-commerce, covering the entire process of receiving, packaging and shipping of goods.

However, there are many terms that people do not know about both modalities, so we will herein give a small glossary to learn more about their processes, functioning and benefits.  In Palletized you will find the best warehouse service in Miami.  The facilities are ideal and its qualified personnel is ready to offer the best techniques to protect your items.


It is a very helpful option if you want to leave the rental or purchase of a complete warehouse behind. It is ideal for those who have a venture and do not need to have such a large space.  Hiring this type of service sets aside conventional warehouses that involve large expenses and contracts for many years.  There are co-warehouse companies that allow to receive, store and send without inconvenience with other goods. The rent and maintenance cost less because you pay for the space you really need, you can also play with the hiring periods. They usually have an easy-to-use software that allows you to keep control of your inventory.


It is a planned space for the efficient storage and management of goods and materials.  In a Miami warehouse, raw materials or finished goods from manufacturers enter to then pass to customers through distribution chains.  It is essential to maintain an uninterrupted flow of merchandise from the source to the point of use.  It contributes to profitability for different reasons: helps reduce fluctuations in supply and demand, the product can be stored for sale when the price is favorable and helps keep overtime charges low, allowing a company to buy and store more supplies when supplier prices are more favorable.


It is a platform that helps merchants to fulfill customer orders electronically. It is that series of steps that goes from receiving a new online order and sending it to the customer.  The process consists of storing, collecting and packing the product, sending it and sending a automated email to the customer to inform him that the order is in transit.  It is key to meet the needs of the consumer because it covers the entire process of receiving, packaging and shipping of goods.  It is based on delivering products on a timely manner and on the lapses offered as a sign of efficiency and responsibility. It is an elite strategy to meet the increasing demand of customers.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

It is a faster shipping method and has the ability to help merchants reach their customers worldwide.  It allows seller more flexibility in their sales practices.  The service provides storage. Packaging and shipping assistance, which removes the load from the seller.  The program allows sellers to ship their products to an Amazon fulfillment, where items are kept stored until they are sold. When an order is placed, Amazon employees physically prepare, package and ship the products to recepients.

Pick up and package

It is a system that allows the collection of outgoing items.  It is prefect for those situations of limited time in which companies need that their parts and materials, which are stored, be collected on a specific date and in a specific period of time.


It is a strategy to measure the efficiency and productivity or your warehouse, to know if the commercial objectives are being achieved.  This ensures that the metric matters are being measured, such as: performance, the time it takes to complete specific tasks, the cost per unit, etc.  One of the ways to carry out this task is to compare you warehouse with colleagues and industry leaders.


In some organizations, it is one of the most important commercial activities during the daily operations of the warehouse.  It is carried out when: the packaging specifications by the supplier are not met and the company must repackage the materials, the supplier is not able to provide the exact packaging according to the requirement of the company; the process of handing materials within the organization requires that certain material have a specific packaging during their storage in the premises; certain materials purchased wholesale need to be separated into smaller ones before being stores, among others.


It is a key process within the tasks performed in a Miami warehouse.  It allows to assure that the products stored are easily identified and managed during the safeguard and shipping process.  Sometimes, perhaps due to carelessness, it usually goes unnoticed in warehouses and distribution centers.  Its omission can cause significant financial losses in the form of wasted work hours and loss of inventory.

Some factors to be considered when labeling your warehouse include the bar code scheme, the label materials, the placement of the labels and support technologies. Inventory data that should be highlighted are: expiration date, manufacturing date, weight and serial number.  Labels must be placed at eye level and printed in easily identifiable colors for a simplified visualization, as well as arrows that identify the exact inventory locations and labeling of bulk areas or locations without shelves.


It is a method that allows to protect the items during their stay in the warehouse and when they are be sent to the consumer. While all products purchased are pre-packaged, this step is essential to ensure the integrity of the product.  The packaging of an item must be sufficient to avoid damaging it when moving in the warehouse. One of the methods more used is the pallets one. When storing the most efficient and safety manner is in pallets, reduces the cost of handling materials.  Having a packing that reduces de amount of items in a pallet will increase costs, no only in the warehouse but also along the entire supplying chain.

These are some of the most common terms that allow to understand the processes inherent to the warehouse in Miami. Keep in mind that, with the predominance of cutting-edge technology, automation occupies a central place in electronic commerce.  Something promising is that tracking is easier when it depends on fulfillment services.  Without forgetting the inventory updates that are made in real time.

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