Palletized – Types of environments in a coworking space

Work in a coworking space is becoming more frequent because the comforts and diversity of options that it offers. The owners of these centers strive to create environments adapted to the needs of their potential customers offering infinity options filled of versatility and creativity.

Although within a coworking office there are very conventional areas, there are others that go beyond the established parameters, influencing positively in the creativity of those who use them. Likewise, the specific work spaces, like desks and special furniture, take a big role in these offices. For example, Palletized, has many of these environments in order to adapt to the needs of customers.

In general, there is a wide variety of alternatives aimed at meeting the most specific requirements of users:

Private meeting area. They are ideal spaces to carry out assemblies for transcendental discussions and important topics for the company. They tend to be more closed for the users privacy. Depending on the coworking space, these rooms have one or several desks, Internet connection and WI-FI for greater comfort.

Individual and common desks. Coworking spaces allow you to enjoy an office environment, paying only the number of desks required, be it one or more. If it is your preference, they could become fixed positions for the user according to the contracted plan; or elected daily according to the availability of the moment. Many desks are usually equipped with filing cabinets, printers, lighting and different work items.

Rest room with WI-FI connection. These areas are designed so that their users have a moment of relaxation or disconnection with their work. They usually have many Internet connection points, either through cables or WI-FI. Usually there are many furniture and cushions in order that the client feels at home.

Areas with special lighting. Within the types of environment of a coworking space, this is one of the most requested. Basically it is an office with many windows that allow the entrance of natural light making the place much more pleasant. The distribution of light is paramount and for this, many glass walls are used to create a sense of freedom.

Open space and common use. This idea seeks that the client feels part of a community. It usually has an innovative design because it is not only an open area that everyone can use, but also has divisions where they can coexist, for example, a library environment and another where there is freedom to make noise.

Coffee station. It is one of the most liked because who doesn’t need a break to have a good cup of coffee? The area has coffee machines, and in some cases they have comfortable tables and chairs to get away from the routine. Some of these areas also have candy machines, refrigerators with drinks and some appetizer. It is, somehow, essential because it also serves to meet other coworkers with wich you can create new labor relations.

Each of the types of spaces in a coworking office is unique. In general, the areas are designed to do that the groups of entrepreneurs who occupy these enviroments feel like a family.

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