Prevention Measures in a Coworking Space or Workplace amid Covid-19

Let’s Talk about these precautions you should take in an Office or Coworking Space

  1. Meeting with Team or Client: The worst side of Coronavirus is its symptoms which are almost the same as common cold or cough. It is very tough for anyone to identify a person without a valid test. Though there are thermal screenings available maintaining proper distance and practicing social distancing practice is most useful.
  2. Carry A Sanitizer: While coming to your co-working or office, you may get exposed to bacterias, it is necessary to carry a sanitizer.
  3. Wear a Mask: Though, the scientists have said that this virus is heavier than air and it is not possible that it can spread through flying in the air, but wearing masks can yet save you in public places. Ensure that the mask you are wearing is prescribed by a doctor. If you are using a one-time mask, always dispose of it quickly in closed containers. Avoid touching your front of the mask from your hands and quickly wash your hands if you have done this.
  4. Avoid the Handshake: In your next meeting, greet your client or team members with a nod and tell them about this. It will help reduce the coronavirus effect from meetings.
  5. Don’t Touch Face: Our hands are vulnerable to the virus and if we touch our face from an infected hand, it may lead to transmission inside our body.
  6. Stay Home if you feel ill: There is no option other than staying at home if you feel any of the symptoms of COVID-19. Also, you should stay home to stop spreading anything in the community of people. Stay home until you are 100% healthy and fit.  Make sure that you consult your doctor if you are unable to recover in one or two days.

Co-working spaces like Palletized are taking the utmost care about hygiene and Safety, also, we have hand sanitizer for everyone entering our co-working space and we’re taking every necessary precaution to stop the spread of this virus.

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