Six essential negotiation skills you must master

By nature, the human being constantly faces negotiations in his daily life, for example, establish certain rules at home with the members of his family, implies to face a simple negotiation process. However, in the professional and entrepreneurial world, the negotiation skills that a person has to do for comply his important functions, are decisive to achieve the growth of the company and the development of their finances.

Much of the success achieved by those who decide to start a business, is because they know how to sell their ideas to the public. And this, without a doubt, involves the negotiation as a way to achieve a win-win situation. Taking into account the importance of this topic, Palletized presents you an interesting list of six essential negotiation skills that you must manage to create links with other organizations, with clients and suppliers in benefit of your project:

1. Try to know the details. One of the key skills is to have the most information of the interlocutor and his business. While more you know the person and the company you manage, greater be the possibility of developing a better proposal. Also, you can learn more about the strengths and weaknesses of each other and the other party.

2. Opt for the indicated person. It is important to try to be sure that you will reach agreements with the right person, that is, with someone you know who is capable of making decisions. It is useless to talk about transcendental topics with someone who has no weight in the company. Otherwise you will only lose effort and valuable time.

3. Avoid falling into improvisation. Among the negotiation skills, this is of vital importance. Improvising will only make a bad impression of your company. Start a negotiation without having prepared and without knowing the point you want to reach is an error. Try to organize your ideas and take care of the details that will allow you to reach a successful negotiation.

4. Let the other person talk. Another essential negotiation skill is letting the other person expose their point of view. Trying to monopolize all the attention can make you look selfish and with a closed attitude. The important is that the other person feels confident and knows that you are not afraid to give in. It has been shown that, if you let the other speak more, you can reach more agreements that benefit you.

5. Be creative and proactive. Perhaps it is one of the most important skills to keep in mind. Try to sell your idea to the interlocutor in a novel way and so feasible that they can not say no. Also, by being proactive you can be attentive to possible negative responses in order to act and make a counterproposal.

6. Avoid falling into controversial issues and believe in yourself. When you negotiate, you should try to provide a pleasant environment where controversial issues fall by the wayside. If you want the speaker to be as relaxed as possible, you should avoid talking about politics or religion. The idea is to create links with this person, take him to the path of negotiation that benefits them both. Now, just as it is important to provide that space for the opposite to speak, you must avoid remaining silent or an awkward silence. One strategy you can apply is to tell an anecdote about yourself that generates closeness and trust. Believe in yourself, try to look enthusiastic and show that you have security in yourself.

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