The entrepreneur’s time management

Undertaking a business involves attending a series of small and large tasks. There are many ideas and activities that must be planned to meet the proposed goals. However, for the entrepreneur it is not always a priority to manage their time. Knowing how to organize it effectively can lead to better results and greater productivity, in this premise lies the importance of time management.

If you have decided to take your time management very seriously, Palletized has prepared for you a list of recommendations that will improve your performance as a professional and entrepreneur.

  1. Prioritize tasks. It is common for entrepreneurs to confront the numerous activities related to their projects on a daily basis, making it difficult to identify what is truly relevant. For this reason, if it is not possible to prioritize, it is possible that no significant advances will be made in the daily working basis. The classification of each task according to its importance will be key to time management. Once the panorama is clear, a work plan can be put together that allows to cross out activities from the list of pending.
  2. The planning of the day. It is recommended to review the daily agenda from 10 to 20 minutes, either at the beginning or at the end of the day. A well-organized agenda will allow a rational planning of each of the activities. If it is done every day, you will improve the perspective of your business and you will have clear the time of the day to carry out your activities to guarantee its success executing them no matter what happens. As well, the planning can also be weekly or monthly, allowing a more global vision of the organization of time.
  3. Proactive and positive attitude. Managing positively the attitude towards the different daily tasks will help significantly in the time management. A proactive person looks for solutions before the obstacles, not to freeze with the unexpected and to continue with the daily planning. Cultivating a positive attitude will always bring great value to your project.
  4. Delegate tasks. Attending to all tasks and matters related to the business, possibly will end in work stress. It is an indispensable key to learn how to delegate the necessary work into others, and dedicate yourself to the final supervision.
  5. Eliminate or reduce activities that steal time. It is important to know which are those occupations that become “time thieves” that don´t add value to the fulfillment of goals, such as: e-mails, phone calls and meetings. In many occasions perhaps the most important thing is to reduce the time devoted to them, or simply attend those that are really vital.
  6. Don’t forget personal life. One of the most important aspects in the management of time, is to establish clear limits between work and personal life, leisure and family time shouldn’t be left aside. Mishandling of this could sacrifice the things that really allow us to enjoy life, so be honest with the time of distraction and don’t waste it.

As you can see, the time management of the entrepreneur is not about magic formulas, they are simple steps, but they require a great deal of commitment to be able to achieve it.

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