The Fulfillment and its importance in the E-commerce

Those who use the web or mail to make purchases or to purchase specific products, are probably very familiar with the fulfillment, and know the importance of this term in the world of E-commerce.

On the contrary, for those who are not aware of this concept, fulfillment consists of the process of receiving, packaging and shipping the products and merchandise; and it is based on two main objectives that seek as the ultimate goal to ensure customer satisfaction: punctuality in deliveries and the efficiency of the entire process itself.

When the fulfillment is mentioned, it is also valid to perceive it as an online trade alternative that aims to outsource the storage and dispatch the products offered. In this sense, this modality also works as a free business model, where the common trade that includes going to stores or distributors does not apply.

Let’s talk about the importance within E-commerce

Applying the fulfillment in e-commerce has a couple of interesting advantages. However, the most striking is that it allows entrepreneurs or business owners to expand their work skills. This is possible through the order in the reception, storage and shipment of a greater number of orders. It should be noted that to offer this service it is not necessary to have your own space, since there is the possibility of outsourcing companies that offer this modality, such as Palletized in the United States. The latter, on time, may be in charge of the merchandise storage or the respective orders through their option of warehousting / storage, despite being mainly a coworking space.

Another element that gives importance to fulfillment within e-commerce is its versatility. By this we mean that there are companies that literally take care of all the headaches that this type of commerce can generate for the parent company. This is achieved through more complete offers of their services, ranging from the collection of products in the warehouse, its packaging, its delivery to those in charge of transport; all the way to the sending of automated answers to the recipients to let them know that their order is about to arrive. In this regard, these companies minimize the processes generated by trade under these standards, and are obviously more competitive than a simple space for the arrival or departure of packages.

The companies that offer this service have the ability to maneuver the processing of credit cards that are used for purchases, to offer from time to time a report regarding the level of inventory and to reorganize the products according to the time of year or the way they are acquired. They can also take care of all the logistics corresponding to calls for transport notices or to process returns.

Eventhough there are companies capable of fulfilling the fulfillment roles, it is best to locate the one that best suits your e-commerce business model, and thus ensure greater customer satisfaction.

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