The importance of LinkedIn for your company

Nowadays is essential that companies focus on making themselves known through social networks. Although it seems that Facebook comes in first place, we will talk about the importance of LinkedIn for your company. You will see how this social community is much more practical for business. From Palletized, in addition, to inviting you to meet our Coworking Space and the services we offer for entrepreneurs and professionals, we also provide you with interesting information to strengthen the business vision of your organization.

Having a profile on LinkedIn helps you promote the benefits of your company and establish links with your followers. One of the advantages is that brands and professionals have a meeting point to communicate, since there are many job offers that are achieved here by fostering relationships on a more entrepreneurial level.

Another importance of LinkedIn for your company is that your employees manage to link with the organization. When someone places you through this network and adds you to their curriculum vitae, it is linked to your company and also with other workers who have done the same. Even if it seems counterproductive, this helps you create an organized network of your employees; they begin to bond with each other and give your company a more professional and friendly character.

By using LinkedIn you have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by describing your company in a versatile way. Dare to include information related to organizational culture, business news and sections dealing with the rescue of social values. Do not forget the importance of highlighting the mission and vision of the organization.

You can take advantage of the nature of this network to promote your services and let your followers know if you have new products. In this way you make your customers feel taken into account and perceive you as a caring company. In addition, you can create links that lead to your web page and in this way strengthen the engagement with your followers.

This digital platform exceeded 500 million users, most of whom are around 30 years old and above, an interesting age range for the commercial and professional area. In addition, every year increases the number of people seeking employment through this network, which could help reduce costs in the recruitment processes in your company. As you can see, the importance of LinkedIn for your company is growing.

If your goal as a company is to increase the presence in this social network, the effort will not work if you neglect these aspects: be clear about your objectives, keep the topics updated and track the results. Take advantage of this community to activate customer service channels and keep your database updated. Define the number of followers you want to get weekly and offer quick answers to doubts and requirements. Use web analytical tools to measure the results obtained and optimize your site; only through this manner will you be able to compete with the greatest and have a better interaction with your customers and other environments.

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