Three key factors in the fulfillment process

The evolution of E-Commerce is a non-stop success and part of that success is due to the fulfillment process. Entrepreneurs recognize the importance of knowing how to serve customers and meeting their requirements in the period established. However, meeting these expectations is not always easy because every customer has their own demands. Palletized, as one of your best fulfillment options in Miami, recommends three factors that will make a difference in your business’ fulfillment process.

Properly manage the parcel channels. The primary goal with E-Commerce companies, is to comply with the incoming orders. Customers often use different channels to send their requests, which can lead to lack of organization in the fulfillment process. To avoid this, business need to make sure to process all orders, from all the different channels, in the most efficient way. Be it by phone call or email, the client’s request must be answered and not overlooked or forgotten. To prevent orders from being lost or forgotten in the warehouse, is to create a workflow that keeps track of all orders.

Respect delivery times. This is one of the most important factors of the fulfillment process because customers will always want to know when their orders will arrive. There is always a possibility that a delay from the offered terms will present itself, however, these cannot be a consequence of the disorganization. The fulfillment companies know that the organization is crucial for customers to feel well cared for and satisfied. It is useless to offer villas and castles when what is promised is not fulfilled. One recommendation is to inform the customer right away if there is any issue regarding their orders. Being honest in the estimated delivery time is a plus that will help boost the image of the company.

Stay updated and communicate. Evolution is constant therefore we should always be integrating new technologies within the fulfillment process. E-Commerce platforms require software that must be renewed over time to offer a better service. In addition, it helps to manage the reception and fulfillment of orders in a more efficient and secure way. Once the customer buys a product and is placed online, the companies can quickly inform the staff to collect, package and ship. It is always important to keep users well informed of the monitoring and status of their orders. Communication reassures users of this service and gives them confidence.

According to the Big Commerce website, the visibility of the inventory available in the distribution center is another fundamental factor. “This helps online retailers understand when to order more inventory to avoid stock outs.” E-Commerce companies need to take advantage of their alliances and link the activities of buying and selling products, to be more precise in the purchasing and production decisions.


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