Trends of electronic Commerce in 2019

The e-commerce industry is continuously changing and has experienced steady growth in recent years. It is predicted that the global retail revenues will amount to 4.88 $ billions by the year 2021. Therefore, customer expectations are increasing and the competition also. Online business traders should be well informed about the latest e-commerce trends of electronic commerce, which include the latest advances in technology and new consumer preferences in online shopping.

That’s why today we present the main Trends of electronic Commerce in 2019 that you must follow:

  1. Multi: currency, language and channel: a multiple approach is recommended to serve a global customer base, allowing multiple currency options, multi-language store and multi-channel. All this allows merchants to place their message and their products in front of consumers, wherever they may be. That is, to have a global approach to the business.
  2. Smarter payments processing: The payment process is a key moment of the conversion, because a bad experience in it can cause the abandonment of the shopping cart. In fact, it estimates that almost 70% of consumers abandon their shopping carts before completing the transaction. Therefore, the experience in this stage should be easy and effortless. A simpler payment process should be provided to guarantee quick transactions.
  3. Interactive product visualization: Today there is a great need to interact with a product, before committing to a purchase, but online reviews and influential trends are often not enough for consumers. For this reason, the technology of interactive product visualization, seeks to provide consumers online, the tangible experience in the store and clear their doubts before buying. Today’s technology allows us to use virtual reality, 3D images, augmented reality and much more to interact with a product from a computer or a smartphone.
  4. Custom product packaging: nowadays customers tend to perceive packaging as part of the product. Buyers even claim that seeing a unique package makes them more enthusiastic about the product. Thus, a major Trends of electronic Commerce in 2019 for business is to create personalized packaging to make their brand or store more recognizable in the online market.
  5. The environmental impact: Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of online shopping, especially in relation to packaging and fashion and beauty products. Consumers notice when the boxes are too large or an excessive amount of materials is used in the packaging. As a result, a company with efficient packaging and a marketing message, based on the company’s efforts to reduce waste and reuse the material, is highly appreciated among consumers.

Photo by bruce mars from Pexels

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