What is a virtual office?

Technology has become one of the main avenues of transformations in the business world. Proof of this, is the trend adopted by many entrepreneurs to boost their businesses without being tied to a physical space. Maybe the term virtual office sounds familiar, but do you know what it is? We give you some lights so you know a little more about this new way of work. If you are looking for an alternative in coworking spaces for your company, Palletized is one of the best options. Stop by and visit us and learn about everything we have to offer.

A virtual office is a modern concept that responds to the needs of freedom and mobility of entrepreneurs.  Although some years ago, companies were reluctant to not having an office or an operations center, the present working mentality has changed this business approach tremendously. Today, having a physical space is not crucial for a business to succeed, however, it is important to have a good technological structure that allows interaction and the virtually presence where it’s needed.

According to theBusiness Excellence in Marketing and Innovation and business models expert, Anuor Aguilar, the term virtual office derived from an advertisement about the benefits of using a notebook on an airplane flight. Decades ago, to visit their clients, executives had to leave their offices carrying a lot of documents. They knew that if something was left, it would be almost impossible to access this information until they were back. Today with all the technological tools available, reality is different and the office will always be where it is needed.

The Office has evolved from being a space with cubicles and endless desks to a laptop or to a cell phone. Although some companies still have objections, the truth is that it represents advancements in the transformation of outdated processes. Anuor Aguilar indicates that “there is no need to print paper, to have metal filing cabinets that only occupy space or being stuck to the wall by a single landline. The office is already virtual and is carried everywhere. It is no longer a matter of fashion or desire, it is a necessity “.

Part of the success achieved by the companies that adopted the virtual office is the modification of their organizational culture. Free from the constraints of an office or schedule, workers have improved their levels of efficiency and productivity.  Assuming the challenge of changing established parameters, companies achieve a competitive advantage over the competition.

Anuor Aguilar indicates that in a built-in virtual office system, for the  control of personnel is necessary to incorporate a Dashboard (control panel with KPIS, objectives and graphics), a management by results and maintain physical meetings for the good work environment.

The attitude of those in higher positions will influence things to flow, since it is useless to have technological tools if there is no willingness to adapt to change. It is essential to see this work modality as something natural that will not only bring more freedom but also better results.

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