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Farbehind are the days you need to rent or buy a whole Warehouse place

At Palletized, our CoWarehouse™ lets you effortlessly receive, store, and ship merchandise without high rents, maintenance, or long-term commitments.

CoWarehouse™ benefits

Forget about buying a whole warehouse to receive, store and handle your merchandise. Co-warehouse™ allows entrepreneurs and startups to outsource complex warehouse operations affordably, freeing up resources to focus on their core business.

Flexible Storage:

That meets your needs and gives your business a better month-to-month control over the budget.

Cost Effective:

You just pay for the space you really need.


You can always upgrade or downgrade your service according to your real needs.


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E-Commerce Order Fulfillment

Orders for retail products are being generated faster and cheaper than ever, and It can easily overload your capacity in a blink. Our customized E-Commerce Order Fulfillment service is the best option for E-Commerce retailers (E-tailers) because it scales with them as their business grows processing and shipping their products quickly and accurately.

Warehouse & Shipping

Speed, efficiency and accuracy are the most important factors when shipping orders for our customers. Our Pick and Packing Order Fulfillment service has the flexibility and capability to quickly adapt to your high peak seasons and increased demands.

Product Labeling

Add your own labels or generate your SKUs upon receiving items from the factory. At Palletized, we offer a product labeling service tailored to your requirements, saving you the hassle of labeling 2000 items or more.

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our warehousing services.

CoWarehouse™ at Palletized eHub is designed to cater to businesses that require both storage and operational space. Our facility is divided into two main sections: an in-house storage and operational section managed by us, and very limited dedicated spaces for third-party operators who engage in product transformation processes alongside our fulfillment solutions. Palletized is proud to be a pioneer of this hybrid service model and is the registered owner of the trademark "CoWarehouse" under the USPTO.

Our CoWarehouse™ services are ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises that require a combination of warehousing, light manufacturing, and fulfillment services. It's particularly beneficial for businesses looking to streamline operations by having both storage and operational facilities in one location.

Dedicated spaces within our CoWarehouse™ setup are extremely rare and available on a limited basis. Availability depends on current occupancy and the specific needs of our members. We recommend prospective members contact us directly for the most current information.

If dedicated CoWarehouse™ spaces are unavailable, we highly recommend considering our coworking office solutions. These offer flexibility and can be a great alternative for businesses that need a professional workspace with access to our fulfillment and logistic services.

Interested parties should contact our team directly to discuss specific needs and availability. We assess each application based on the potential synergy with our in-house operations and the nature of the transformation processes involved. It's important to provide detailed information about your business operations to help us evaluate suitability for our limited CoWarehouse™ spaces.