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At Palletized we have stimulating environments that you can use according to your business needs.

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After meeting with other companies and realtors, we decided Palletized was the only company who fit all of our needs. Max took his time to really understand our goals and explained what they could offer us. The entire team was cordial and accommodating. We look forward to partnering with Palletized and growing our business!

Gassant Enterprises Avatar
Gassant Enterprises

The best people at the right place. Logistics - Coworking - Warehousing & great service. These guys you need keep on mind.. All the best!

John Mario Guerrero Leyton Avatar
John Mario Guerrero Leyton

Warehousing, fulfillment and co-working all in one place. I was searching for a place where I could work and manage my company's storage at the same place. I had to settle for a couple months with Public Storage. Now for almost the same price, I get to have storage, an amazing quality space to work at, wifi, coffee, mailing service, a secretary, a conference room to reserve whenever I need it and a work environment that inspires. I recommend Palletized 100%.

Diego de la Fuente Avatar
Diego de la Fuente

Great experience in coworking

Gabriele Di Zio Avatar
Gabriele Di Zio

The best fullfilment center

Jose Francisco Frias Arnal Avatar
Jose Francisco Frias Arnal

I has been a member for a while. I have no complains furthermore I can say this has been an amazing environment to grow my business. The networking events they hosted have been a plus that helped me to connect with many others entrepreneurs like never before.

Pablo Weyler Bertoni Avatar
Pablo Weyler Bertoni

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