A Coworking Space Beyond the Essential

We have created  this space to encourage collaboration and productivity with the plus of a Co-Warehouse that will give your business a strategical advantage over competitors, allowing you to easily receive, store, ship and distribute merchandise from our facility.

Our collaborative environment and fully equipped spaces make of us one of the few Co-workings in Florida that really helps entrepreneurs to connect and grow without the harshness of costly rents or long commitments that you don’t really need for your startup.

Coworking Space Redefined

Coworking gives you the chance to network and collaborate with a wide range of bright minds

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Get to know Our Team

A passionate group of professionals in their specific areas. They work hard to ensure each of our members get all the support they need.

Maximiliano Trujillo
Maximiliano TrujilloCEO & Co-Founder
AKA “Max the Boss” is very passionate about managing moving parts on any Logistics operations and is known for looking for solutions from every angle and thinking outside of the box. He has had the opportunity to hold projects with Offshore Oil Shipping Operations, Break Bulk Stevedoring Port Operations, Trucking and Warehousing Distributions and now with E-Commerce Fulfillment and Co-Working Spaces! Max is always looking for new challenges and endeavors and is eager to learn and grow as a person and as a professional.
Guillermo Tillero
Guillermo TilleroCo-Founder
Before funding Palletized. Billy was in the port logistics and transportation industry for the last 25 years. Accustomed to working under pressure and taking on problem solving on short notice. Supportive and respectful to his co-workers, always getting the best results out of the staff under his command he has created a proactive and loyal corporate base. Billy is always looking for new challenges and goals to achieve.
Josmir Hernandez
Josmir HernandezCoworking Space Manager
“Josie” is an experienced and efficient executive assistant and manager with a passion for negotiation. She excels in communication and problems solving and has applied those skills through owning her own business as well as organizing Customer Service and Human Resources functions.Here at Palletized, she holds the responsibility of keeping everything flowing smoothly. From interviewing, payroll support, timekeeping, training and event planning, Josie does it all.
Marcel Rodriguez
Marcel RodriguezThe IT Guy
Marcel has his degree in Information Technologies and is a Certified Oracle Java Developer that has passion for the Online Marketing world that complement with his talent in Photography and Filmmaking arts. At Palletized his role has been pretty broad since the beginning, making sure all the IT infrastructure works perfectly plus working elbow to elbow with the team supervising and helping with new ideas for the Online Marketing and Social Media Content Generation segment. (he made this website though xD) If someone needs pancakes just ask him =)

These are the people who maintain the culture our members enjoy everyday.

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Are you the one who loves pushing boundaries? We are always looking for talents like you to join our team. Be a part of better Co-Working

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Work with us at Palletized
Work with us at Palletized

Work with us

Are you the one who loves pushing boundaries? We are always looking for talents like you to join our team. Be a part of better Co-Working

At Palletized we are always in search for talented people. The team players, the ones who want to make the difference, those that come full of new ideas and ready to succeed.

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