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Why Fulfillment by Palletized?

  • As an online merchant, your plate is full enough. Between product development, customer service, and marketing your business, you don’t have time to stress over the complexities of logistics management.

  • A fulfillment center offers an advantage of ensuring that products are received on time. Leaving you with the opportunity to dedicate your time and energy to the more important aspects of your business.

  • Scalability. Let’s say you got 1,000 units sold and 5,000 units booked for the high season. If mismanaged, success can also be the undoing of a small business. An increase in order volume can overwhelm established systems resulting in poor performance. At Palletized we have the resources to accommodate any change in your order volumes.

Why FBP Palletized Fulfillment
What's Amazon FBA?

How does it work?

The Fulfillment process begins by you sending the inventory through an inbound guidance and premium placement process. Your inventory then is placed, stored and labeled until it is ready to be processed through the customer purchase order. It is at this point that the merchandise is picked and packed to be shipped.

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Is the process of preparing your inventory to be sent to the Amazon Fulfillment Centers. Sounds easy right? Well the truth is that preparing your inventory to comply with the FBA standards is a specialized process, full of intricate rules and easy to get wrong. Amazon’s rules for FBA means that preparing your inventory can be a frustrating time consuming task.

At Palletized we have the expertise, equipments, technology and infrastructure to handle all your FBA preps no matter the size, at a cost effective rates.

Amazon FBA Prep by Palletized

Order Fulfillment by Palletized

Fulfillment by Palletized or FBP allows you to sell merchandise on almost every Online Platform out there. From the moment your customer click on the purchase button, we will handle the complexity of logistics, storage, picking, packing, kitting, labeling and shipping that arise from each online order.


An Order Fulfillment is the act or process of delivering a product to a customer. It takes care of all your warehousing and shipping needs and it’s ideal for small and mid-sized e-commerce business who wish to increase their sales while keeping their costs low.

This is an easy one =) FBP stands for Fulfilled by Palletized. Is the term we use to indicate that your products has been fulfilled from our facilities meaning they are in compliance with our highest standards.

As a New Customer you will need to provide us with your complete list of products with Item Descriptions, Sku’s, Upc Numbers, ASIN Numbers, Dimensions and Weights.  It’s also very important to Indicate our specialist if you need to handle you inventory as per ITEM or Master Cases.

Yes our Order Management System is already integrated with the most populars E-Commerce and Marketplace platforms. That means your orders can be handled automatically by our Fulfillment Team.

Yes, we are integrated with the most important shipping carriers in the USA. Like USPS, UPS, FEDEX, DHL we also support 3rd party integrations as ShipStation and Endicia

Discounted Shipping Rates are available, depending on products Weight and Dimms we can offer different convenient alternatives.

Palletized is an Amazon FBA Prep Center, we can prepare you Amazon FBA Products so Amazon can effectively receive and stock your products the fastest possible. At Palletized we can also provide in-house FBP (Fulfill by Palletized) directly to consumers that purchase your goods on Amazon. Our WMS has the capability to connect directly to Amazon Shopping Carts.