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About Us

We're Palletized! Since 2017, we've been working hard to make e-commerce logistics easier for you.

We've combined Fulfillment, CoWarehouse, and CoWorking in one place, so you can join our network and scale globally. Let's get started!

At Palletized, we know that you are on a path to turn your business ideas and dreams into reality.

At our eCommerce omnichannel logistics hub, we provide Fulfillment, Warehousing, and a CoWorking eSeller Community, to ease, fulfill and enable our members meaningful GROWTH ambition. With a rich history and numerous growth milestones, we are driven by our vision to transform the way businesses handle their logistics needs.

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Our team

A committed team of experts with specialized skills in their respective areas. They strive to guarantee that each of our members receives the necessary support.

Max trujillo




Josie hernandez

Success Manager

Teresa Sabino

Finance Controller

michelangelo lamorte

Warehouse Manager

Catherine Tillero

Data Entry

LEyla Focil

Community Catalyst

Lisa Martin


Experience the Future of eCommerce Logistics

Our company is committed to revolutionizing eCommerce logistics through innovative solutions, exceptional customer service, and a thriving community.

We constantly push the boundaries of logistics to provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Join our vibrant community of eCommerce professionals and collaborate for success.

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