5 trends ecommerce for 2019

The world is globalized and, although many don’t remember it, until recently it was difficult to think that we would buy or sell products with the internet. The usual thing was that the customers get into a store and bought everything they could touch or try on. This reality changed and Internet sales are part of our daily life, e-Commerce is here to stay. If in your case your business model has to do with a virtual store, don’t forget that at Palletized we help you to make your e-
commerce business more agile.

Recent surveys have shown that, although this transaction model presents great challenges, it has also had considerable growth. Only in the USA grew by more than $ 460 billion, only in 2017. With regard to its growth and taking into account the changing market, here are some e-commerce trends for 2019, which will help you establish a planning scheme according to your brand and your complex costumers.

1.- The waiting times will be shorter. When we buy online we want speed, large companies know and work to shorten waiting times. A key for this next year will be to improve shipments once the purchase button is clicked; the usual will be that the deliveries arrive maximum the day after the transaction. It is likely that other companies will be encouraged to enter in this world by offering monthly subscriptions.

2.- Voice assistants will be key. One of the current preferences is to perform voice searches to facilitate daily work. Its popularity can make it become an almost mandatory tool for those who manage e-commerce. & According to Search Engine Land and Google, 20% of all searches are based on voice. The e-Commerce sites follow the same trend. Forbes reports that the current $ 2 billion voice purchase market will grow to $ 40 billion by 2020; according to an article published on the Velogig.com portal.

3.- The competition and the use of social networks. Although one of the trends e-commerce for 2019 is that online sales increase, the fact is that the competition will also grow. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook will be crucial as they are excellent sales platforms. We have seen a sample of this with large chains and brands that promote their products through accounts.

In addition, the experience for the users when buying through this modality has turned out to be useful, simple and reliable. However, it is important to mention that large companies will reduce their Facebook marketing budgets due to their fall in 2018.
4.- Artificial intelligence will bring more benefits. With technological advances, electronic commerce has been transformed and the use of artificial intelligence is more common. Chatbots, although they are not fully developed, have managed to increase visits on websites. For many online buyers this tool will be the first encounter they have with the world of artificial intelligence.

In 2018 there have been great advances, however, 2019 will bring innovations and a more humanized service. Its application will allow to manage the processes to improve them and obtain a greater performance in orders, logistics, customer service, marketing, catalog management and billing.

5.- The augmented reality will be present. Another of the e-commerce trends for 2019 that will be implemented by the owners of physical stores is augmented reality. This tool could become a success for those who still cannot acquire a product without seeing it up close. Customers can get a more real product experience and feel more confident to buy it.

Currently Ikea and Amazon already put it into practice. The changes are just around the corner, it is already part of the
companies, big and small, to adapt.

Photo: by Igor Miske- Unplash

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